How to Handle the Posts During Fence Installation

Fence installation can be a tricky project and if it isn’t done right your fence will not be stable. If you don’t feel equipped to tackle the project on your own, it might be best to contact a fence contractor. In this article, we are going to review how to handle the posts during a fence installation.

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It’s always good to plan out where the fence posts will go before you start your project. Map out on your land where you want to put each post. If you do this ahead of time, the rest of the project will be made easier.

Once you have mapped out all of the places that the posts will go you can start digging holes. The posts will be installed a couple of inches into the ground. Dig all your holes and use a hammer if you have to, to get the posts deeper into the ground.

Finally, you are going to pour concrete into the holes with the posts. When the concrete hardens it will keep the posts stable in the ground. After that is complete you can cover the holes back up with dirt to hide the concrete.


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