Common Bathroom Plumbing Issues and How to Fix Them

Nobody really wants to talk about what is going wrong in the bathroom. However, there is no shame in broken plumbing. It is important that you call some trusted plumbing contractors right away so that they can look into the issue. Most issues can quickly be fixed right then and there.

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In fact, many common bathroom plumbing issues are relatively simple and easy to fix. You may even be able to fix them yourself with a little willpower and grit. If you are interested in learning how to fix some common bathroom plumbing issues yourself, check out this helpful video.

You may have experienced a wobbly toilet before. The toilet often wobbles from side to side when you sit down or get up from the toilet. This can be a major annoyance. Fortunately, you just have to remove the toilet from the flange on the floor. Then, replace the bolts and bolt it all back together.

Another issue you may have experienced is a faucet handle that sticks. These handles can also be annoying as it makes turning on the faucet a challenge. Fortunately, there is also an easy fix for this. Use a tool to unscrew the handle and clean out the inside. If needed, replace the stem unit by purchasing a new one online.


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