Benefits of Language Therapy Pediatrics

Speech and language issues are common in children. Even so, they must still be treated seriously. If not treated early on, the child may keep those speech and language issues as they grow older. Language therapy is an excellent way to help your child improve their speech. In this video, you will learn about language therapy and the benefits it provides.

Video Source

Arnie Loab is a speech-language pathologist at St. Joseph’s Health Centre in Toronto. She works with children six years old or younger that have language developmental issues. This means that they may have trouble using words or pronouncing words. Therapy can takes place weekly or monthly. It takes place in a low-stress environment full of toys and activities. Often, the children don’t event realize they are going in for therapy. It is like playtime for them. Despite this play environment, learning is still occurring naturally with just a little guidance and interaction with the therapist. Language therapists also provide parents with the resources they need to assist and work with their child at home. This combination of therapy sessions and at-home activities will put your child on the right track to improving their language and speech.


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