Metal Recycling Explained

With the widespread use of metal all across the world, metal recycling businesses are essential. Here is a breakdown on the process of metal recycling.

Metal recycling businesses see all kinds of metals.

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For example, 2.4 million fridges and freezers are thrown out every year. In the past, the only option was to throw these fridges into landfill which was terrible for the environment. Fridges contain hazardous chemicals that are very harmful to the environment so having them dumped in landfills was heavily contributing to land pollution.

With the rise of metal recycling, 95% of fridges can now be properly recycled. For recycling fridges, they are first processed to separate the materials that can be recycled from the hazardous chemicals. This involves a mix of automated work and manual, hand’s on labor. Liquid nitrogen is used after all the wiring of the fridge is manually cut out in order to prevent explosions from CFC gasses that are released from the fridges.

After this step, the remaining parts of the fridges are put into a cross grinder where they are pulverized down to various sizes. Recycling fridges is just one small fragment of the processes that metal recycling businesses can do.


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