What Happens At a Garbage Dump

A landfill isn’t just an open garbage dump or compost hole in the ground. Landfills need to do the necessary step of covering solid waste products with soil. This step is crucial in reducing carbon dioxide and methane emissions because it can be hazardous to the planet and its people when these landfill gases mix with the air.

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Most modern landfills also come with sensor installations that detect and identify hazardous substances and other landfill gas emissions. That’s why the large city landfill sites nowadays are uniquely engineered trenches in the ground. Their design keeps toxic waste from contaminating and polluting the water supply.

One of the most significant factors for needing more landfills globally is the increasing population growth rate. With a bigger population comes more demand, resulting in more waste produced and dumped into landfills. The steadily rising requirement for urbanization is another factor and contributor.

Derivatives of urban development like plastic materials must be disposed of properly. Agricultural by-products such as animal manure and rotten farm products also need proper disposal. If these products are just dumped anywhere, they may contaminate the environment.

In this detailed and informative video by the City of San Diego, you’ll discover what happens at the Miramar landfill after the garbage dump truck brings trash to the area. You’ll also learn how San Diego is working to extend the landfill’s life by diverting garbage such as recyclable items and greeneries.


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