The Overachievers Guide to Summer Break

In this video we learn about the various activities high school students can participate in during the summer that can help them get accepted to the University of their choice. Examples of summer activities would be to take care of required courses in summer school. Also auditing a college course that could give an idea of what their future education experience will be. These classes can be taken at a large local University or even classes at the local community college. Taking an online course is another great option.

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Other things overachieving students can do over the summer is to enroll in prep school summer camp programs. Summer camps that focus on academics, or even on extracurricular activities, can allow students to network with those who share their interests. It’s also a great way to learn and keep that learning mindset over the long summer months.

Students who are looking to be productive over the summer have many options. For those who are trying to set themselves up for future success, there are many options to takes formal classes or join a more loose knit learning experience in a summer camp.


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