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Three Steps to a More Socially Conscious Business

2020 is shaping up to be a watershed year. On the health front, the Covid-19 pandemic is forcing businesses to re-examine their healthcare plans, attendance requirements, and compensation packages. On the environmental front, the Australian wildfires and their aftermath have shattered our old business-as-usual attitudes toward the climate emergency the planet is now facing.

These combined events have opened a powerful lens which demands that businesses look at the situation with a more socially engaged eye. This could be the year in which American businesses become more conscious of the ways they can make the human side of business the most important focus. Businesses are now being asked to evolve to a more compassionate, socially conscious organizational model.

For years business coaching conferences have been helping leaders understand the ways they can become more socially aware. Such conferences offer advice on the ways organizations can be more mindful of their customers, employees, and communities.

Leadership coaching in 2020 will continue to focus on human rights and global awareness, but perhaps with a renewed vigor. Our cultural attitudes are being challenged daily by the coronavirus and by urgent climate issues, so the efforts of teachers of mindful social commitment within and beyond businesses will shift from theoretical social consciousness to practical application.

Three Ways to Make Your Business More Socially Conscious


1. Create and implement a socially-conscious mission.

This begins with a statement of the mission which is distributed to everyone in the company. This mission should focus on authentic ways your company can contribute to the community and the planet. This should not be a purely theoretical plan, but a practical action-based plan with theoretical grounding. Set up a recycling program. Implement a volunteer program to help those in crisis.

2. Attend a business leadership conference.

Send business leadership to a conference to help sharpen their focus and learn ways of becoming more socially engaged. A business coaching conference can offer attendees the chance to learn about practices that will help employees with their daily stresses — implementing free yoga classes in-house, setting up mindfulness breaks to help limit anxiety, or offering free budget planning classes to help with their daily financial issues.

A leadership coaching conference also helps leaders learn ways to be more socially involved with the problems of their communities. This doesn’t just mean making charitable donations — though these are wonderful. What it does mean is getting involved with “boots on the ground,” so to speak. It means getting your company involved in sustainable food practices, in helping the homeless, or in community AIDs awareness. 84% of business leaders feel that attending in-person events has a huge impact on a company’s success.

3. Create a socially conscious culture.

Some great online leadership conferences are out there. Register business leaders for online mindfulness conferences to help them learn calming and centering practices. This will, in turn, allow them to teach the same practices to other employees. In a crisis, just one cool head can help reassure others.

Business coaching conferences that emphasize mindfulness can help make your business leaders the ones who know how to create a climate of calm. This is the greatest asset to a socially conscious business.

Business Evolution

Business coaching conferences help businesses evolve into more socially aware organizations where employees feel valued, communities feel supported, and leaders feel appreciated.

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